Wisconsin Music Scene 1984-1987

I did forget in my last writing to tell you about the Bugle American and the Emerald City Chronicle which my friend Michael St. John started. These were free papers that gave us informative articles and where our favorite bands were playing. Both kept us in touch with the Music scene. Now on to 1984….Milwaukee.

Axe was rehearsing and writing. Management didn’t like what we were doing. It was time to take a break. I had family problems that brought me to Milwaukee. Bobby Barth and Michael Osbourne decided to go to Denver and rest and write. They left Gainesville, Fl and were driving. Michael used to talk our bus drivers to let him drive. He loved it. Well Bobby and Michael were in a Datson 280 Z. They got to Mobile AL. and a semi was entering highway 10 and Michael slammed into the back of it. Bobby was bent down sleeping in the passenger seat. He survived, Michael was killed immediately. Axe would never be the same. Michael was a major force in the group. Now what do I do…! Well Ken Adamany who was “Cheap Tricks” manager at the time said he had a band called “Bad Boy” who needed a professional drummer like me, but I would have to audition. After 34 drummers I got the gig. They had a new album out with “Cheat on Me” and “Thunder & Lightning” that was making some noise. I toured with the band for over a year.

My old manager finally let me out of my Axe contract, while Ken wanted me to sign with him. So, I called a meeting with the band. I said Ken will make $300,000.00 over the next 3 years for his commissions, we should ask for $25,000.00 for clothes , a nice vehicle to travel in (we were in a ’76 beat-up Ford LTD) and fix our monitors. It was a legitimate asking of the monies. We were playing Headliners in Madison, WI and discussed this the whole way.

We got to Madison and were in a meeting with Ken Adamany and I laid out our plan. After I was done Ken said that is a very logical idea, but Teddy all the other guys in the group already signed the contract. I was soooo mad. Their acting like this is what should be done, which it should be, but they already sold the soul…! Well, for 3 years they paid Ken and never got a Worldwide Recording Contract. Young musicians take note! The next night at the Sunset Bowl, I quit the band.

I was watching young talent in Milwaukee, So I started a band called Moxy Roxx. Mark Worpel on guitar, Brooke St James on guitar, and Chris Martinez on bass who I didn’t want. I wanted Carey Caelin on bass. but Chris begged me and I mean begged me! He will practice 10 hrs. a day. I said guitar players don’t make good bass players he said I’ll do it. His brother Tommy, owned the P.A. the lights and he said to me my brother Chris will do it Teddy. You own this town right now. I said we want to own the country not the town! I helped make Moxy Roxx a driving force in the Milwaukee music scene. Summerfest was a definite highlight. Marna who I met in Bad Boy was my partner and we were in love at the time. I introduced her to John Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee and all of Motely Crue, Judas Priest, Kiss, Queensryche, Winger, and more, she loved Rock ‘N Roll and I miss her-Rest in Peace Marna! Later I also had my friend Jay Davis call me and ask me if I knew any singers. Rod Stewarts band was looking for a singer to write with. I turned them onto Xeno, they flew him to L.A. He wrote with them and came back and Xeno did a radio interview and never gave me credit for me helping him. He acted like he did it…Wrong…I made that happen for him. Just for the record.

Moxy started to take the city by storm. Brooke and I used to say we did it. Nothing last month everything this month. Welcome to the entertainment business I said to him. We had huge crowds at Billy’s, the Jabberwoky, the Electric Ballroom, Pappagio’s, it was rockin! I built this to what it became, I then started a bad called the Machine and left the Misic Industry in ’87, We had fun yet I knew there were no stars here for me like I had in the past. Good Luck and Rock ‘n Roll Milwaukee. I moved to NYC and went into business!

Hope you enjoyed some insight into real Rock’N Roll and the Music Industry…..We’re not done, keep posted for more info!

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